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Are you seeking a new challenge? More excitement or perhaps not? Do you feel like you want something different or want to make a change? Is your life actually how you envisioned it, or does your intuition tell you that something is missing? Then read this book and discover who you really are and what you want.


Whether you are at the beginning of your life's journey or a little further along, there are always moments when you need motivation and inspiration. How do you find these in your busy life? This book offers you a time-out to pause and reflect on yourself. This allows you to view events in a different light or to be awakened.


You'll get concrete answers to important questions such as:

How fantastic is it when you're afraid?
How are setbacks more valuable than successes?
How delightful is honesty?
How do you free yourself with independence?
How important is the "Therefore" in response to "Why?"

Carolina uses the tulip bulb as a metaphor to show that your strength grows from within through external nourishment. She also shares her personal stories and takes you along parts of her life's journey.

Let nature coach you to freedom and give color back in your life.

Including inspirational videos and checklists.


Carolina Visser was successful as a process manager in the corporate world and decided to start her own business in Northern Sweden in 2006. Living amidst nature with her animals, she has built a Retreat and Coaching center together with her Swedish husband. She has also gained recognition as a pioneer in growing tulip bulbs in the northernmost parts of the world. Carolina loves challenges and enjoys examining impossible ideas.

Book 'FRÅN LÖK TILL LYCKA!', Swedish version

  • Of course all ordered books will be signed personal by Carolina.

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