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Music resonates in every fiber of our being and touches us to the core. Close your eyes and remember a special piece of music. Feel how a simple melody can stir your soul. See your memories, hopes and dreams as you listen to the tones. Sound, one of the basic elements of the universe, is a key to unlock our potential. I will coach you and use music to help you heal, create and actualize your dreams into reality.


During 45 minutes you will listening to music that will touch your feelings and help you to get an answer on a question for just that moment of your life. It's amazing how blocks are breaking down and open you up to feel better. Total session takes 1 hour.

I will coach you during the sessions with the feelings, pictures, colors that comes up while listening and relaxing. Focus is to be happy!

(Carolina is coach for 'Harmonic Resonance Process (HRP)' , a unique self-actualization program,  trained by Dr. Celia Im, Lighting the Creative Spark LLC )

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