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Experience the Magic of Shamanic Drumming and the Thrill of Sledding with Siberian Huskies 

Join us for an unforgettable winter event in the landscapes of Northern Sweden, where ancient traditions meet modern excitement.


"Feel the Rhythm of the North" brings together the mystic of shamanic drumming, the charm of Siberian huskies and the nature in winter atmosphere, promising a truly unique adventure.

Save the Date: 24.02.2025 – 02.03.2025

Event Location: Farm Backsjön, Backsjön 221, 88192 Sollefteå, Sweden

Don't miss this opportunity to feel the magic of the North. Limited spots available!

Reserve your spot now and be a part of an extraordinary experience

What to expect?

Embrace the Power of Shamanic Drumming
Let the rhythmic beats of the shamanic drum feel your nature from within. Our experienced guide will lead you through the art of crafting your very own drum, a tool that echoes the heartbeats of the Earth itself.


Embrace the Husky Spirit
Experience the thrill of mushing with 
Siberian huskies through snowy trails. 
Form a bond with these majestic creatures 
and embark on a journey that will leave 
paw prints on your heart.

Embrace Winter's Wonderland
Immerse yourself in
the winter wonderland
of the North. Embrace the crisp air, the
glistening snow, and the tranquility of the
serene landscapes. A chance to be
surrounded by the ethereal dance of the
Northern Lights


Natural Coaching for Personal Empowerment

Guided by an experienced natural coach and guide, explore the transformative practice of reconnecting with your authentic self. Embrace the power of nature's guidance to discover your purpose, passions, and the harmony that resides within.

Unforgettable Memories: Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a culture seeker, or an adventure lover, "Feel the Rhythm of the North" promises an event like no other. Create memories that will last a lifetime and leave with a profound connection to the spirit of the North.




Price: 19.950 sek per person  



​Here a program of the week where we follow everyone's process, so adjustments may take place.


Arrival and welcome to nature. Get to know each other in the group by sharing information and taking a forest walk to find your power stick that you'll craft during this week.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday:

  • Meditation

We start each day with moment in our tulip bulb with a sound of music. A relaxed start of the day to step fresh in the nature.

  • Siberian husky 

Look into the eyes of Siberian huskies and learn more about yourself. With a walk with your chosen husky through the white nature, eventually on snowshoes, brings a connection with you in nature. 

  • Building Shamanic Drums

You will build your own shamanic drum. Together with the chosen skin and frame, you'll construct a shamanic drum. Patience, tranquility, strength alongside feeling and thinking – everything comes together, resulting in a unique instrument that can work alongside you. A personal companion for all your personal journeys.

  • Dogsledding

This week, we'll also take a dogsledding tour. Back into nature, into silence. Just you and the huskies guiding you on this magical ride. We'll have lunch in nature, and you'll merge with the dogs and the nature around you. Back to the source within yourself.

  • Snowmobile tour & the Northern Lights

During the snowmobile tour we hope to see the Northern Lights. Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of the North! Amidst the white surroundings and moonlight and northern lights dancing in the sky. You wouldn't want to miss this!!!

  • Closure

During the last day we take you with on a surprise journey, en extra experience to remember and where we will have a collective sharing before everyone continues their journey along their own path.

Sunday:  Your journey home. fulfilled, with your own shamanic drum and a rich, remarkable experience.


In addition to the above program, the following is included:

  • Accommodation in the Nordic house suitable for 8 people.

  • Possibility to discuss staying a night in one of our small houses or in the glass house on-site at an extra cost.

  • Full pension where meals are related to the northern culture. Meals are prepared by the organizers or together, we eat in different places during the week, partly indoors and outdoors.

  • All material to build your own Shamanic drum.


NOT including

  • Warm winter clothing

Let the beat of the shaman drum and the spirited howls of Siberian huskies guide you to an unforgettable winter adventure. We look forward to sharing this enchanting experience with you at "Feel the Rhythm of the North"!

Who are we?

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