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Natural coaching
Coaching with and in the nature to find your own nature

As tulipbulb grower in the north of Sweden I have experienced how you can connect the development of a tulip (nature) with your life. As certified coach (ICF) and living in the nature we started different programs for you to experience your path in and with the nature.

In my book " Geef sleur weer kleur" / "Från lök till kycka" ,

I devided the chapters in 3 blocks:

  • Compost

  • Grow and flow

  • Surrounding

Where do you see yourself in the moment? Look in the different blocks and find out. Welcome!

3D Geef sleur weer kleur V1.png


To grow vegetables, flowers etc. you use fertilizer, till example compost. What kind of compost do you use to grow yourself? All your experiences since your birth has formed you how you are today. But are there some experiences that blocks you to grow?

As coach I will active listen to you to support you to unlock your block and fill your compost. Interested? Look in our COMPOST PROGRAMS


Grow and flow

You surely have moments in your life where you ask yourself: "Why is this happening to me?" This can be very possitiv but also very difficult. And it is not always easy to understand, what can block yourself to look forward.

Under 'Grow and Flow' we look together to your moments with questions why they appear in your life and what it brings for you to grow and get more colour in life after this experience. Look in to our GROW & FLOW PROGRAMS



In the world you ar enot alone, even if you maybe wish this sometimes. Which effect has the surrounding on you? Is it important what people around you think about you? And how do you look to all what is happening close to you or even in the world? Do you get a little bit lost with all changes around you?

It's good to share how you feel and to find your place.  Our coaching programs in Backsjön you are surrounded by nature, you can experience to hear the silence outside in clean air. Interested? Look in to our SURROUNDING PROGRAMS

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