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Natural Coach

What is a natural coach?


My name is Carolina Visser, I am coach trained by Coach Companion, accredited by International Coaching Federation, and I a call myself: Natural coach.

In this short movie here beside I am standing as tulip grower and natural coach, with muddy boots and trouser, showing that I am standing with both feet on our earth.

In 2006 I bought this property in the nature and I started a new life out of nothing... No plans, more or less out of money, but surrounded by my animals and the nature. In all these years I have learned so much from and in the nature and I learn to know myself more and more. Me as tulip grower compare my personal process with a process of a tulip. A tulip bulb has many layers around the core, but the core makes the flower. Therefore we have build a tulip bulb in the nature, where you can be/sleep in, in the core. A symbol to find your own core, your own nature. To support you in this process I would like to invite you on our farm and be your natural coach. Together we step in your natural process, where you define the road. Interested? I hope to hear from you!

Warm regards, Carolina

Coaching programs / Live


You have some stones in the way to come further?

You need inspiration?

You need motivation and guiding to fulfill your dream?

Do it on your way,
the natural way!


A closer look over the company or time for a change?

We offer different program to reach a natural management and grow for the future.

Tulip coaching

If you want to invest in your future to feel more free, happy and more in harmony with yourself, tulip coaching is perfect for you.

Every month we meet on place or via internet, where we go on a journey over 1 year. Your personal process will be compared with the development of a tulip bulb till a flowering tulip and what happens after. Find you core, step by step. Steps we make together where you decide how you want to grow and flower.

Of course some tulips come with in this package!

Coaching programs on distance

Book a coaching plan for YOU

We offer 2 program where it's possible to pay per month.

"Natural coaching, be happy"

"Tulip time for YOU" 

Choose an online plan for YOU

  • Be Happy!

    Every month
    A Human Resonance process, based on music
    Valid for 12 months
    • Online for 60 min to coach you in your personal journey
    • Support you to take the steps you want to make
    • Follow your heart, your natural path
  • Tulip coaching

    Every month
    One year program to come out of your bulb and flower!
    Valid for 12 months
    • Every month 1 hour coaching online or on place
    • Come out of your bulb (healing)
    • Get inspired! (intuition and vision)
    • Start to show your color ( action)
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