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Meet Hasse & Carolina

A never ending love story ...

Life is full of surprises and a love story started in 2006.

Carolina just bought spontaneously a house in Sweden and when some days after the son of the owner, Hasse, comes for a visit, their love story started explosiv. As Carolina always says: "I bought a house with husband!" In 2016 they married in their own tulip field on the farm.

Hasse and Carolina both loving their paradise in the nature in Backsjön, Sollefteå. Over 15 years they have build up a nice place, where they put in their heart and soul. With respect for the nature and together with their animals they created an oas where they offer activities during the whole year, possible to combine with a stay in their cosy cottage. Perfect place for visitors who like to come away from daily life and enjoy a silent place in the forest. 


Meet Carolina

Life is an adventure with many possiblities!

Coming from Holland followed by a successful carrier as international process manager I decided one day to change my life and moved to Sweden, to Backsjön, a small village in the deep forest. This was not only a journey from a stressful business life to a place in the forest, it became also a journey by managing my own process. A great adventure in and with the nature, an experience I bring further as natural coach with diploma for individuals and companies.
Together with our animals and music we offer local and digital program to heal, inspire and activate.

Feel and use your own natural power to be happy!

Meet Hasse

The nature is my home...

I love to be in the nature and my dream was always to live close with the nature. So my dreams became true after falling in love with Carolina and the possibility to live in Backsjön!

I have been a lot in Backsjön before to fish, one of my biggest hobby. I am born along the coast between Gävle and Uppsala. Here I was also active as nature guide within the Swedish organisation "Frilufts främjande". I like it to learn other people to learn more about nature.

I worked a lot with big machines and as Carolina always says "When it brooms, Hasse is smiling". 

To build up all activities in the forest and be guide for our clients is something I burn for. Hope to see you!

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