Time out workshops


During your TIME OUT on farm Backsjön we create together a program that fits you. 

You choose from a variety of activities which will guide you towards deeper relaxation and new energy. 

Price: SEK 15 000/week includes accommodation, three meals a day, TIME-OUT workshops and individual support. 

Let nature surround you


Walking in the forest just as the sun is rising in stillness is one of the best experiences you can have. Why not take one of our dogs along on the walk for companionship or for a little help getting up a difficult slope.


You could also try the “Nordic walking sticks” which provide exercise for the entire body as well as a little extra support. Using snow-shoes is the best way to move across the countryside and explore the vastness of the white winter forest.

Helping with animals on the farm 


Taking care of animals is rewarding in so many ways. There will normally be at least one animal on the farm that will attract your attention. Animals can provide support in your TIME-OUT stay with us.


All our donkeys are good listeners and very understanding. Just like a mirror they will reflect your mood. Our Siberian Huskies are sociable and determined to make you feel happy. They will be eager to spend time with you in nature. Ourfriendly “Holländska Vithättor” chickens will love receiving your attention and happily provide eggs for your meals. 



Tulip program


Farm Backsjön grows tulip bulbs, each spring displaying an abundance of brightly coloured tulips in the midst of the forest.


The very first step towards growing vibrant and beautiful tulips is to ensure the roots are well established and nourished. Only then will they grow deeper, become stronger and finally come into full bloom.


Your own personal development follows a similar pattern. Immersing yourself in nature, working with all aspects of tulip cultivationwill help you uncover innate talents and allow your uniqueness to come to the fore and flourish.

Musical inspiration


Excessive negative stress is often the result of allowing a busy and worried mind take control over your life. At Farm Backsjon we introduce a self-study programme which uses music to break negative patterns and allow you to explore your inner desires. 


"Harmonic Resonance Process (HRP) TM is a unique self-actualization program. HRP uses music to help you heal, create and actualize your dreams into reality.

Dr. Celia Im, Lighting the Creative Spark LLC"


more info: www.celiaim.com

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