Big birthday party on 7 December 2020: 7-7-7

Today: our 7 dwarfs, born on the 7th of December 2013, now 7 years old! Time flies!

Now they are easier to recognize and each one has a special character. Pictures below shows how they are looking today:

1: Happy, always happy..., if not she jumps over 2,5 meter net!

2: Doc: Very sweet for the people she knows, but we will hear when a stranger arrives! Good nurse for the older ones!

3: Bashy: She surprised us in November 2018 with her own 6 little puppies. 5 are left on the farm.

4: Sneezy: Always full in action and likes to kiss you.

5: Grumpy: He get fast grumpy if he has to wait for his food. He is unbelievable strong with lots of energy!

6: Speedy: Has kept us many nights awake with barking to wake up his friend to play (not sleepy) and he is very fast, so Speedy!

7: Dopey: After a heavy period with Demodex sickness, when he was young, now he is totally back on track, the happiest guy in the world! And as in the most stories of the 7 dwarfs: if something happens, Dopey is involved... and so he is missing a small piece of one of his ears. But no problems with listening..., if he wants :D

Gratulations my big puppies! <3

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