Farm Backsjön organizes events during the year. Most popular is our well known Tulip festival, where you can visit our garden full with flowering tulips and hear how Hasse and Carolina succeed to grow tulip bulbs in the north, called: Polar tulips.

Also every weekend during summer and winter Farm Backsjön open their café for a nice time in the nature, enjoying Swedish 'Fika' or lunch.

More events are in the planning... Get member and you will be informed about all happenings on Farm Backsjön!

  • Open every weekend from 1 January - 31 March

    1 hr

    50 Swedish kronor
  • Open from 30 May till 20 June 2021

    Offered Daily

    6 hr

    300 Swedish kronor
  • Open every weekend from 21 June - 31 August

    1 hr

    50 Swedish kronor
  • From 2 Augusti - 15 August 2021, vecka 31 och 32

    3 hr

    400 Swedish kronor
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